Leadership Coach Mandy Singleton

About Me

My name is Mandy Singleton; with over 30 years experience in senior leadership roles I'm here to help you with your personal and professional development through my leadership coaching services.

I am an experienced leader and have successfully used my leadership coaching approach during 36 years working in local government. For most of that time I’ve been frustrated by a lack of 'human' leadership and those managers and leaders who tend to focus on the service and the system, while losing sight of the fact that it’s all about the people.

It’s the people in an organisation that deliver. It’s the people that shape the culture. It’s the people that you must support in order to be a success. Beyond needs analysis and the dreaded annual appraisal, some leaders spend very little time understanding people, and it's my leadership coaching services which aim to change all of that.

What makes me a good leadership coach?

I understand the challenges you face, because during the last three decades I have helped numerous individuals in senior management and key leadership positions. With many years experience in supporting teams across multiple sites and multiple disciplines  I consider myself to be insightful, warm-hearted and knowledgeable - combining passion with a natural need for quality.

My excitement for improving service delivery comes across in all of my leadership coaching services and communications. Understanding what others need, I build vivid images of the positive impacts we can have as leaders, share my knowledge and experience with enthusiasm, while having no desire to hold back on trying to make the working environment a more positive and productive one.

I quickly create strong emotional connections and have an expressive communication style which people find engaging. My personal and professional style is to inspire others and I am very attuned to the senses, which helps to pick up where people might feel uncomfortable.

I know that leadership is not the same as managing, and that management training rarely equips people with leadership skills for today's work environment. Via my leadership mentoring and development, online leadership programs and bespoke executive coaching I can help you with:

Please do not hesitate to contact me today to find out how I can help you with my leadership coaching services. If you're not in a position to commit at this time you can join my email list for my latest tips and news, or subscribe to my resources vault for some fantastic freebies.